At Boaz Freshop & Sadik Collection, we strive to bring premium-quality fashion and lifestyle products reflecting our exclusive and innovative designs to our dearest customers. We recognize that sometimes a purchase may not satisfy you or meet expectations or needs you have. Therefore, we have crafted a comprehensive refund policy to deliver a pleasing shopping experience:

  1. Eligibility for Refund
  • You can receive a refund by returning the item within 30 days of the purchase date.
  • The item needs to be in its original packaging, meaning it must be in 10/10 condition, unworn, unused, and with all tags and packaging intact.
  • You can receive a refund for a customized design product only if it has a manufacturing defect or an error on our part.
  • Refunds will not be entertained for gift cards, downloadable software, and other non-returnable items.
  1. Refund Process
  • For a refund, you must contact our 24/7 available customer support representative at [EMAIL ADDRESS] within the specified timeframe.
  • We follow verification purposes, which require proof of purchase, such as an order confirmation or receipt, to consider your refund request.
  • Once we approve the return/refund request, we will provide you with a returned shipping label with instructional guidelines on how you can return the item(s).
  1. Inspection and Approval
  • Once we receive the returned item(s) with a refund request, our team will thoroughly inspect the product(s) to decide whether they meet our refund eligibility criteria mentioned above.
  • If the inspection is passed, your refund request will be approved, and we will take 7-10 business days for the amount to be credited back to the original form of payment.
  1. Refund Options
  • You have two options: (i) Receive a full refund for your item’s purchase price; (ii) Choose a store credit to be used for future orders.
  • Shipping charges incurred during the initial purchase are excluded in refunds, and this policy will be applied if the reason behind a return is a manufacturing defect or error on our part.
  1. Exchange Policy
  • There is no policy of direct exchange. If you have an exchange request for an item of a different size, color, or style, the original item must be returned first for a refund, and then you will place a new order for the new item.
  1. Exceptions and Special Circumstances
  • Cases where you want a refund: (i) You received an item with a manufacturing defect; (ii) You received an incorrect item; or (iii) You found any error on our part, your full refund request will be approved, including shipping charges.
  • Refunds for products you purchased through a credit/debit card may result in an additional processing time, depending on the card issuer’s policies. 
  1. Contact Us
  • We are always within your reach for any questions, concerns, or assistance you have regarding our refund policy or the refund process. You can contact us at [EMAIL ADDRESS].
Brand Commitment

At Boaz Freshop & Sadik Collection, we aim to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain our brand’s integrity in the industry. We have a fair and transparent refund policy that complies with all applicable laws and regulations of the USA.

Note: We reserve the right to change, modify, or update this refund policy without prior notice. We advise all our customers to stay updated with any changes to the refund policy to avoid any inconvenience.